About Pure Renewable Power

Our PRP plan is to coordinate the conceptualization, research, application, finance, project management, operation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency projects in the uptake of renewable power.

As a comprehensive solutions provider our mission is to deliver exceptional cost effective investment opportunities for renewable energy technology and energy efficiency.

We are committed to 100% renewable energy and are concerned about the reduction in greenhouse gas production and the subsequent replacement of fossil fuel for power generation.
Our areas that we are involved with include:

• Wind
• Solar
• Geothermal
• Wave and Tidal power
• Biomass (Landfill gas, municipal solid waste, bio crops, agricultural and animal wastes).

We are currently involved in a 500kW photovoltaic pilot project with a 10MW phase 2 in Western Australia.
Our mandate is to implement solutions for the application of these technologies with exceptional investment return in partnership with investors, energy project developers and clients to design and implement 100% renewable power.

Our scope is not confined to any specific technology but actively encourage cutting edge and proven Australian applications. We do however also consider any innovative solutions that provide excellent application to reduce greenhouse gas production cost effectively.

It is our plan to become a key supplier and innovator of renewable energy to existing power grids and other non grid applications. This is in the residential, commercial, institutional and utility sectors where opportunities exist or can be created.

At PRP we monitor government policy toward the renewable energy and efficiency sectors. Together with this we approach all levels of government to promote and help formulate policy towards the uptake of renewable energy to help reduce greenhouse gas production so that we and our children can have a cleaner future.

Renewable energy technologies utilize the existing fuel cycles that involve our natural systems without the costly impact to our already changing environment. Due to our burning of fossil fuels our industrialized impact on the climate is affecting us now. The time is with us right now. Change must happen and can with the application and uptake of rational government action and investment in our future with clean energy policies.

At PRP we take the lead and demonstrate that the application of renewable technology is sustainable and economically viable. We encourage all generators to embrace this clean technology and move towards increased uptake of renewable energy technology.

We also plan to lead by example to introduce and provide innovative clean energy solutions to industry. Our goals are based on shared values of social ethics and environmental sustainability.

We offer the complete range of support from start up services for new projects which facilitate the transition between project completion and ongoing operations, to O&M contracts which maintain long term operational performance.

“Every litre of gasoline your vehicle burns puts 2.5kgs of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Scientific evidence suggests that the rapid build up of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is raising the earth’s temperature and changing the earth’s climate with potentially serious consequences.” Friends of the Earth

Whether supporting stand alone projects or ongoing operational activities, we are committed to delivering the right fit for whatever the application calls for with renewable power.